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Resolving Mattapan Water Damage with Quick Action

3/30/2023 (Permalink)

Technicians removing water damage equipment from a van Do you have any water damage to your Mattapan home? Contact SERVPRO of Hyde Park/Roslindale; we are your local water restoration experts.

SERVPRO Mitigates and Restores Water Damage

Water emergencies can vary substantially between homes and commercial properties. Depending on the underlying cause of the damage to your residence, the restoration and cleanup might not get covered by your insurance. When you discover water and moisture damage, you must act to prevent the situation from getting worse. 

Many look to our professionals for a swift mitigation response because we are a trusted name for Mattapan water damage incidents. Mitigation and emergency services embody the earliest actions we can take to protect your home, its contents, and occupants after the first notice of loss. This phase includes: 

  • Water Removal - Using extraction devices to remove standing water on the flooring. 
  • Content Relocation - Relocating personal belongings and loose items to safe house areas.
  • Controlled Demolition - Safely demolishing ruined building materials that pose a danger to technicians and occupants. 

Tools of Water Removal Services

Water removal is one of the most effective and necessary portions of the mitigative process for our responding technicians. Pooling water of any severity damages the exposed materials, as many building elements are porous. We have various extraction devices to complete this necessary procedure, from vacuums to pumps and specialty tools. 

Regulating Airflow Against Water Damage

Airflow is one of three primary factors of efficient drying and arguably one of the first steps in efficient moisture removal. Wet surfaces are a threat to the structure, and the placement and frequency of specific drying tools can be beneficial in managing these conditions. Some of the common ways of influencing airflow include: 

  • Air Movers - These high-velocity blowers introduce a powerful stream of dry air against wet surfaces. Steady exposure promotes evaporation of this surface water damage. 
  • Injectidry System - Unlike air movers, this positive pressure system uses penetration points and hoses to inject warm, dry air blasts into structural cavities. This unit can get used to reduce the need for tear-out. 
  • Ventilation - Ensuring air can move through the damaged areas can also help the drying process. In some cases, SERVPRO professionals must evaluate the need for installing more sufficient ventilation fixtures and exhaust points. 

Manipulating Temperature for Effective Drying

Temperature is a primary principle of water damage drying. Cooler temperatures have slow-moving molecules, so chemical reactions like evaporation or sublimation happen at slower rates. Increasing the temperature of a drying zone can increase evaporation output and allow cleaning processes on the surfaces of exposed materials to require less contact time. Portable electric heaters can increase the warmth in the work areas. 

Removing Humidity with Tools 

With the manipulation of the temperature and the adequate evaporation capacities of multiple air movers working simultaneously, the humidity will increase. It is vital to determine the needed amount of dehumidification units to counteract and keep pace with the production of the air movers in the drying zone. SERVPRO can regulate and reduce environmental moisture content through absorption or condensation, depending on the specific models. 

The Steps to Prevent Mold Development 

One of the byproducts of prolonged moisture damage is the development of mold colonies in these affected areas. Because much of this damage can occur where the homeowner cannot see, we provide effective preventative measures to ward off colonization. We track moisture damage that could result in microbial growth and spray sensitive building materials with powerful inhibitors that make surfaces uninhabitable to spreading mold spores. 

When dealing with Mattapan water damage incidents, professionals need to respond quickly. We know the urgency of these situations and keep skilled experts available at all hours to help. We will make it "Like it never even happened." Contact SERVPRO of Hyde Park / Roslindale when disasters strike at (857) 399-9797.

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